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Market Scanner

Track market movements: Bullish or bearish base on indicator/strategy: RSI, MACD, Bollinger Band, Ichimoku, Price Action, …

RealTime Push Notifications

Receive signal through app, telegram channel, SMS and Email. Helps you not to miss good trading opportunities.

Diverse market

Integrated diverse markets such as: Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodity, Stock, Indices.

Save time

You can track the entire market even at sleep without having to open the candle chart screen.

Easy to Use

Only 3 simple steps, you can setup the alert base on the indicator or strategy you want.

24/7 Online Support

Support team is always on 24/7 to get ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yummy Profit work?

The application will push a alert as soon as the condition of the technical indicator matches the condition of the market.

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We! Warriors looking for solutions

Gathering people who are passionate about technology, have a lot of experience in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain and trading. We who always want to find and implement solutions for you. Bringing lean, optimized but most effective products.

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Our beliefs start with you, the people. Without you, our platform would be nothing, and that is why we believe in wealth sharing. From our company culture to our mission, we’re aligned with our vision and set of core values. We’re committed to sharing our platform and all of its successes with you.

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Tran Long Nam

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Le Quang Hiep

CTO & Co-Founder

Tran Ba Duyen

Tran Ba Duyen

Mobile Tech Lead & Co-Founder

Tran Vu Thanh Son

Tran Vu Thanh Son

Project Manager

Tran Chi Thanh

Tran Chi Thanh

Senior Designer

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We have big dreams, and start from the smallest things.

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